Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raiding Nostalgia

So patch 3.0.2 comes out next tuesday and more or less destroys Burning Crusade raiding.

Sure, my guild is going to continue trying to get runs together and see new and varied places and bosses, but its not going to be the same.

New talents, no crushing blows, boss health nerfed by 30%.

Sheesh, even our hair styles will be different.

So the events of this past week and weekend are feeling to me like the cap to my Burning Crusade raiding. And its been pretty grand.

Start with friday. Nearly everybody on an alt or new and unusual spec, nearly everybody drunk three sheets to the wind. What better to do under the circumstances than to whip together a Karazhan run? In terms of raid effectiveness, massive fail. In terms of fun had, pure win.

I've only been to kara one other time in the past several months, so it was quite the nostalgic event. The best fun is remembering just how amazing it was to have no idea what was ahead up those stairs to Moroes, or around each corner of the back stage area by the Opera. A brand new bunch of raiders, just creeping along, figuring out how to handle the situations together.

Then, for a more intimate setting, why not head on over to Black Morass, the event formerly required for karazhan attunement, with a holy paladin dressed as a tank and a prot warrior trying to pretend he's a rogue? Yeah, no dice, we sucked it big time, but nevertheless had a blast. Highlight of the run: massive dragon magically appearing above the boss guy on portal #7. Oopsie, who brought the drunk with fat fingers? And Amava remains 2 bubbles of rep from exalted :-(

Remember when Black Morass was required for Karazhan? And everybody was asking for runs there all the time?

Then you've got sunday. Sunday night was advertised as the LAST CHANCE for Champion of the Naaru title. Get your quest chain squared away or gtfo.

So naturally, all the procrastinators started feeling the heat and heroic runs were the name of the game.

And come Sunday night, we've got 8 players ready to get their title.

The guild was buzzing with energy.

Slap gruul down, including a bouncy effect that landed 7 of us ontop of one another and shatter, wham-o, killing off the top 4 DPS and 2 healers in one smashing blow, but the team held it together through growth 14.

Slap maggy down, including a glitching Blast Nova timer which caused the raid to absorb 3 novas. The last 1% went for nearly 3 minutes. When Magtheridon died, there was a grand total of four (4) raiders alive. But he was dead and the titles were ready to be bestowed.

Highlight of the run: One of our core raiders got the title on his third (3rd) toon which was worthy of some rejoicing.

So, although we're going to keep raiding through the last minute of The Burning Crusade, I think that this week with our first T6-level boss kill, a pair of T5 shoulders for my little girl, a Karazhan reunion run, and the guild's last wave of Champions is a nice way to say bye bye to TBC!

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