Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is when hype fizzles

Back on october third, I hinted at some up and coming mayhem that was all hush hush.

Ooooh, the intrigue and drama.

Why so tight lipped?

Well, talk about a dud.

Both as a blogging exercise of building up suspense (lack of followthrough ftw), and the actual event itself.

See, there's this guy in the guild, lots of social connections, lots of big ideas.

He comes to us with this master plan.

One that he's discussed with intimate contacts at 5 other high-level guilds.

Lets raid Orgrimar with the intent of griefing the Horde and occupying the city for at least a full hour, denying any use to the enemy.

Totally frivolous, totally griefing. Totally fun!

We live on a PvE server that has very little world PvP, and there's been one or two raids on our cities by bored horde guilds lately, so why not give it a shot.

The plan was presented to the guild leadership with the promise that roughly 200 people have already indicated involvement.

L.O. mutha f'ing L.

Lots of buzz in the days leading up to the event.

Word spread and there was lots of energy on /general and /trade

Horde got word, since loose lips certainly do sink ships, and even horde /general and /trade became filled with news of the upcoming alliance invasion.

So the night comes, we've got about 20 people from our guild ready to rock.

But where is Mr. I-have-big-ideas-about-griefing-horde?

No show.

Nice move, fella :-)

So we head over to ratchet, find a bunch of other guilds with various party sizes. Many of the guilds are friends of ours so it was cool to see.

Totally disorganized, totally chaotic. Totally fun!

In all, probably 70 or 80 alliance players.

Completely disorganized wave after completely disorganized wave rushing in the side gate towards Thrall's room.

I had a little baby Horde spy sitting there watching the action. You underestimate the sneakiness, sir.

The best wave I was part of got Thrall down to 35%.

The Horde defense was outstanding. They rallied a massive amount of players to defend the city and then camp out our graveyard in Razor Hill.

And then they sent nearly 100 players to conquer Stormwind City.

The night was a dud in terms of military success, but we had a blast. If we had even an ounce of coordination between the guilds (hello, Mr. I-dont-show-to-my-own-event) it would have been a very different situation, but oh well.

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