Friday, October 17, 2008

Patch Quickies

1) Gorilla auto-casts Thunderstomp ONLY when being attacked by more than one mob. If solo, this is cool. If escorting babies through a dungeon, this is not cool. If I wander too close to a pack of mobs and send Bubbles in to engage them, sometimes she gets to the one she's targeting and begins to attack, but the other mobs aggro onto the lowbies cuz we're too close. In this case, we have 2 mobs beating on my babies and one mob beating on a non-thunderstomping gorilla. Suppose I should put Thunderstomp onto the action bar so I can manually trigger in these circumstances.

1.5) Multi-Shot FTW! BRD with Bubbles is a treat. Farming Clefthooves with Bubbles is a treat.

1.75) Mana management is so very different. I think I'm going to need some addon that puts a massive Aspect indicator in the middle of my screen since dancing between Hawk (or the newly announced Aspect of the Dragonhawk that's lvl 75 me thinks) and Viper will be much more frequent than in the past.

2) Defensive attitude for the pet is definitely different. Pet on defensive. Fire pullshot with intent of repositioning the mob. Pre-3.0.2 your pet would stay at your side until you were struck. Post-3.0.2 your pet runs in as soon as you fire the shot. I'm gonna call this a bug.

3) Omen - since its using Blizzards threat API, it has knowledge of threat levels of all other players, even those not in your party, those who don't have a threat meter installed, anybody. I have not noticed whether it'll measure cross-faction, since the one time I tried to get over to a mob that was engaged in combat with a Hordie, the mob was dead before I could get into combat.

4) Exotic pets that make the ground shake will serve to further deepen the hatred that the WoW community has for Hunters. Standing near any hub of activity (ie: mailbox) is somewhat annoying now because of all the stomping pets.

5) Kinda fun to see what Accomplishments different guildies are going for. You see some players dinging all kinds of BG things, some with fishing, some exploring, some stomping old world dungeons, some hitting heroics. Over time it'll wind down a drop, but for now, still amusing.

6) BRD is a massive maze. I can clear half of it, I cant seem to even find the way to get to the other half. I found some tip about jumping into lava near Incendius. It was late, Amava survived but the babies didnt. Twice. So I took rez sickness, hearthed, and went to bed. Is there a better way to access the other half of BRD?

6.5) RAF bonus rules. In a single half-clear of BRD, the babies went from 49 (albeit already deep into 49) to 52 (albeit just a few bubbles into 52).

7) Did the humanoid NPC reaction to flee at low health become exaggerated with the patch? Seems that mobs in BRD were running like CRAZY when at low health, more so than the other day.

8) Tamed a wasp. A purple one from Zangarmarsh. Why is the name Skittles reserved? I revised to Skittle, but it just isnt the same, although I do suppose that she's a singular, not a plural. The 610 armor penetration effect from Sting is pretty cool.

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