Monday, October 6, 2008

Totem Management

Anybody know of a good way manage Shaman totems?

Nothing fancy, but just a way to keep my action bars free of the massive numbers of totems?

The best I've come up with is a macro that I hit 3 or 4 times that'll just cycle through the most frequently used totems (Strength of Earth, Mana Stream, Windfury, etc). And then just leave some of the more situational ones on the action bar (Tremor, Earthbind, etc). This still leaves me using lots of action bar space for the situational ones, since I'm not familiar enough with the class to wisely choose which are situationally used often enough to warrant permanent action bar real estate.

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Mosshoof said...

There are addons which will compress the totems to a smaller selection of buttons. I've used autobar for my shaman (because I use autobar for other toons), but I'm sure there are shaman-specific addons as well.