Monday, October 27, 2008

Two pair of Twins

Get ready to cry a river for Amava. I'm sure you'll all be full of pity at this one.

The RAF bonus has clearly made me lose my marbles.

The first set of twins boosted straight to 58. They're now happily playing like real toons, with two actual people playing them, on two separate computers, questing as a duo in Hellfire, no more big sister run throughs. Ding 60 last night. Hop, skip, and jump over to Exodar to find the Elephant guy. Totally forget that back in the good old days, a toon actually had to earn her gold, and get the smack in the face surprise at around 600 gold each for the epic land mount and training. Grr!

And then, the second set of twins. Following Amava around Hellfire grinding Orcs and Helboars, anxiously waiting for 55, the minimum level to enter Ramparts. These two are gonna milk the run throughs for everything they've got. Like this morning, seconds after dinging 55. 25 minutes in the belly of the beast, Amava, Bubbles, and the two girls, Normal-mode Ramparts. 25 minutes. Cleared up to and including the first boss. 60% of the XP to get to level 56. 25 freakin minutes. Levelin' like it oughta be!

So in the next few days, these little ladies likely gonna hit 60 also.

Will it be another 1200 gold for their riding, or does a Druid get an epic travel form and a Paladin get a free mount like at 40 30?

I'm sure you're all sad to hear about my 2400 gold expense on fast cars for my babies, so everybody get their tiny violins and start playin', I feel like a song.

Let's just hope all 4 don't ding 70 at the same time, or ding 70 before November 13th, or else tough decision time between new epic flyers or the Mini-Van.

Oh, and that's not to even mention of the Rogue who went from 36 to 59 in about 2 minutes, thanks to the grant-a-level, although she's unlikely to see any action other than crafting in the foreseeable future. But she's .5 bubbles away from 60 also, due to some fancy planning on when to begin granting-a-levels.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is related to the new technology in WoW called Phasing: You see things according to the quests you have done (i.e. if your quest was to burn a house to the ground it will show ruins, but others with this quest still open will see the house).

Anonymous said...

Dang ... wrong post.

Anonymous said...

Not bad! I will come back to read more soon