Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hallowed Quickies

Hallodween Seasonal Event. Fun or Stupid?

1) Riding around on a broomstick, on land in the air, even over water (bugged out and didnt dismount me)? Fun!

2) A bag full of so much candy that I'm not sure if I can eat or should I save it for an achievement? Stupid!

3) Eating that candy until you barf all over the graveyard? Fun!

4) People barking on /trade WTS [costume] only 15g? Stupid!

5) Killing the Headless Fella ten times with only Vampiric Embrace healing the group? Fun!

6) Getting your ass kicked on the Damage Meter by a Ret Pally all ten times? Stupid!

7) Raiding with 17 pumpkin heads? Fun!

8) A Ghost Costume that looks like a human school librarian? Stupid!

9) Throwing buckets of water over and over again to save Goldshire? Fun!

10) Saving Goldshire everyday for 2 weeks? Stupid!

Happy Hallodween!

1 comment:

Ess said...

Hehehe, amen. :D

Costume transformations were being sold on my server for upwards of 30G. A bunch of people got tired of it and started flooding the market with freebies. It's supposed to be for fun, right? Sheesh!