Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ferocious Inspiration Stackable?

I am Beast Master, hear me roar.

And revel in the fact that I've spec'ed and geared appropriately to have my pet criting all the f'ing time, thus giving you all a 3% DPS bonus.

Patch 3.0.3 notes, which I don't think is live yet but rather coming soon (linked via WoW Grrl) indicate, all the way at the bottom, that Ferocious Inspiration will now be Raid-Wide.

Verah Nice!

The question, though. Does it stack?

It used to when it was limited to your party only.

If it stacks raid-wide, that is Verah Nice indeed.

But that might piss off the other specs because then you'd want to pack the house with Beast Masters. Bring one MM for raid-wide Trueshot Aura, bring one Survival for mana battery purposes. Yeah, the mana batteries sorta stack so you can take extra Surv's, but since ret pallies and shadow priests stack in the same fashion, twould be tough to pass on an extra stackable 3% damage increase raid-wide.

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