Monday, October 27, 2008

Calling all Guildies

alternate title: I can haz traffic

Here I am, checking my email this morning, and along comes the weekly site traffic report.

Seems there's a massive, huge, ginormous spike in traffic this week.

And by massive, huge, ginormous, I mean a couple extra hits. Not like we're talking about BRK's traffic report. Nah, over here, a handful of additional visitors causes a statistical anomaly.

No particular referrer seems to account for the spike, 'cept for Google.

Me thinks its half the guild checking in after the long-standing cone of silence gag order was lifted by a guildie during a raid the other day.

So, all you Kishians (Kishites? Kishiards? Citizens of Kaisei?), welcome aboard. Hope you like the stories, and if you don't, suck it feel free to drop some comments.

Drama = fun, so flame away!

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