Monday, October 20, 2008

Pet Titles

I'm a hunter.

I chose hunter because I thought a pet would be cool.

That has turned out to be true, it is cool. 'Cept when they die, that's not cool.

I generally plan to stick with Beast Master tree even if it becomes the spec that's looked down upon, as if that'll ever happen. Amiright?

I'm a big fan of the new pet talents, pet categories, bigger stable, you name it.

Next up, Blizzard, give me Pet Titles.

I think it would be awesome to have my best Burning Crusade friend roll with the nameplate "Condoleezza, Champion of the Na'aru".

Or "Bubbles Jenkins"

And the same qualifications should apply to the pet as to the hunter. That specific pet needs to participate in the completion of each step of the quest chain and stuff.

I'd re-run the Leroy Jenkins achievement again and again with each pet so my whole stable can get the title.

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