Monday, October 20, 2008

Yet Another Round of Patch Quickies

1) Theres an achievement for /love'ing all the critters in the game. This one amuses me. I was trotting around Dire Maul East & West. There's a handfull of critters in those dungeons. Handy macro for the babies...

/assist Amava

2) I like the sound of Amava Jenkins so much more than Amava, Champion of the Na'aru, so I switched the title that should display. For now.

3) Will raid leaders allow exotic stomping pets into raids? I'm seriously considering disallowing them simply because its going to be so brutal with 4 stomping pets disrupting everybody's screen. Rumor has it that they're going to remove this shaking effect once the pet is tamed, but I haven't seen it yet. Pretty please, Blizzard, implement the nerf with a 15-minute restart prior to my raid on Sunday.

4) I still don't fully understand the right way to use Kill Command. Sure, I can read and understand the tooltip. But I cannot really figure out what's the best time/situation to trigger it. What I DO know...when I trigger KC now, things die. Its a pretty massive damage output for Bubbles or Skittle.

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