Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patch Thoughts

You've heard of "patch notes". Well here's my "patch thoughts".

So the patch is downloading. I expect it to be done downloading on the main PC by the time I get home from work, and hopefully, the servers will be back up by then too.

Having not been through the Classic WoW --> Burning Crusade transition, I have no real expectations other than pure chaos.

Addons not working. Check.

Massive lag because everybody's signing on. Check.

Completely illegible and unbearable /trade and /general chat. Check.

Everybody trying to measure themselves up against eachother via achievement points. Check.

My own class totally unrecognizable. Check.

As a raid leader, the interactions between all the various classes unrecognizable. Check.

So I think I'll try to sort of "cone of silence" myself as much as I can. There's going to be so so so much insanity and uncertainty among the masses.

Things that sound appealing to me on this first night of the patch:

1) Getting a gorilla pet. My most immediate in-game goals involve getting my currently level 49 babies up to 59, followed by another two sets of toons up to 30. /yikes A gorilla's AoE Tanking will be a wonderful thing in those dungeon run throughs.

2) Making heads or tails of my Hunter talent points. The guild plans on continuing to raid through WotLK. We've had good attendance up through the patch, and hopefully will continue to rock. As such, I want to keep winning at WWS, so I'm going to have to try to get a reasonable spec right away, followed by keeping in touch with the general feel in the community for what's a decent talent build for raiding.

3) Pet talent points. I typically raid with Condoleezza the Ravager and I re-train her with resists or armor levels appropriate for each raid. I'll need to figure out how to spend her talent points to make the first couple post-patch raids go smoothly.

4) Glyphs. I think they'll be coming with the patch. If so, I gotta figure out what they are and what to do with them. (see "keep winning at WWS" line above).

5) Getting a haircut. Amava always wears her helm, no matter how ugly (earthwarden's coif), so its a totally useless thing to do, but it amuses me, so I'm gonna do it.

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