Thursday, October 23, 2008

Entry Level Outlands Toon

Been quite a while since Amava first entered Outlands. Twas a fun and exciting time, generally having a decent handle on how to play my class, only minimal trouble finding dungeon groups when I wanted them (i mean, who really wants yet another night elf hunter chick/man?), and free from the stresses and schedule of raiding.

Upon entering Outlands, pretty much got my tail whooped. Hellfire Peninsula is a dramatic uptick in how much of a pounding you take. All well and good, part of growing up.

So, now lets do it all over again.

Under the sweet sweet RAF bonus, was able to mindlessly boost a priest and shaman through 1-58, without their having fired a shot in anger. Well, maybe a few shots back in the 1-10 range or so, but since then, nada.

Even their action bars. Using Keyclone, I can easily send the same command to both at the same time, so their most commonly used buttons were to mount up and to /follow Amava.

That's about it.

Gear. They've got some of the most beautiful gear you can loot....out of Deadmines...and Stockade....and Scarlet Monastery...and ZF. Maybe a piece or two out of BRD.

Along the way, the only thing they really EVER needed to worry about is a little magic damage that might come from a mob that does AoE or casts a spell that sprays out to 2 or 3 targets. So all I ever looked for in gear was Stamina to help survive those moments. As you can imagine, probably not optimized for actually doing anything but following.

So welcome to Honor Hold. Put your big sister Hunter to bed and head on out for some fun.

The uber gf on the Shadow Priest and me on the Enhancement Shammy.

Between the piss poor gear, and the fact that neither one of us really knows how to play our class yet, its quite the adventure.

Spend the first 20 minutes getting axes, daggers, wands and defense skills up from basically one, give or take a few swings along the way.

Highlight of the evening....we're fighting the orcs to the east of HH, and you've got to light some fireworks off underneath four of their towers. Lots of close mobs with big aggro radius for a level 58, lots of patrols, lots of multi-pulls (skeletons and dogs).

Accidentally pull four mobs, clearly going to hell in a handbasket. Shammy calls out at about 200 health "run, run, run. try to die in a good place to rez".

Shadow Priest calls out "STFU n00b. [bubble] heal yourself and keep quiet or go play your hunter" The bubble hit with seventeen (17) health.
Timely indeed. We survived the pull. The Shammy kept quiet, for a little while :-)

The whole trip through the orc camp was hectic and awesome, sitting at nearly no mana, low health, never really able to stay still to drink due to patrols and floating green eyes. Made it through without a single corpse run, which is more than I can say for when Amava came through the area a year ago.

If this is any indication of what's to come, its gonna be a fun trip through the Outlands!

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