Thursday, July 3, 2008

WoW is Group Levelling Unfriendly

Been playing side-by-side with the gf, levelling up some Hordie players.

And I'm discovering how unfriendly the game is for levelling in this fashion.

Sure, on the surface, you kill stuff easily. And with a Shaman and a Paladin, we can heal eachother and are pretty tough when paired up, making us difficult to kill even against mobs 2 or 3 levels above us.

But keeping our quests synchronized is agonizing.

She tends to play a bit of solo when I'm raiding or BG'ing on Amava, so she gets a step or two ahead in quest chains. When I jump on, she's got to go through the quests again to help me.

Also, as a result, she's a few levels higher. This means that she's on a bunch of quests that I will not be eligible for for a while. That sux.

There's no easy way to bulk share quests.

WTB, button that makes all sharable quests shared and accepted. Click, instant quest synchronization, at least for those that qualify for sharing.

Also, I'd love an option for shared bag space. Let one of us loot, and if you run out of bag space, it goes into your partner's bag. When enabling this option, both players need to agree to it since you might want to keep your bags private.

Quest Helper addon does help tremendously since it advises you about each player's progress through quests objectives, and also maps out your travel routes taking both players' quests into account.

I'd love an option where you could specify your "Best Friend" in the game, and Blizzard could supply lots of options for sharing quests, sharing items, and the thing I really want...summoning your Best Friend to anywhere. You can only have one Best Friend, and there's a hefty cost for switching it, either in-game gold, or maybe a dollar or two IRL, or a week-long cooldown. Hell, maybe give us a Friends and Family option on the account. I'm paying for both with the same credit card, make it so I can have a little more sophisticated interaction.

Oh, and instant email, although we can just trade stuff.

Blizzard needs to give us more options that ease side-by-side playing.

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