Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I see Heroics in your future

I've been running fewer and fewer heroics of late. I'm more or less set for badge loot, and I'm just using the badges I do get for epic gems. Every 15 badges I collect was boosting my hit by +5, and now that I'm at 141 hit rating, every 15 will be boosting my agility by +2, replacing those +8's with +10's.

Raiding, preparing for raiding, serving as an officer, hitting battlegrounds, playing arenas, PLUS the truely rewarding time of playing my Horde alts has left me with little time for 5-man dungeons. Not much surprise there.

But, now the Guild is in a new place.

We killed Gruul. There's a quest that begins deep in the heart of Heroic Slave Pens that sends you off to kill Nightbane and Gruul. Both those puppies are down, so its time to re-visit Heroic Slave Pens to turn that one in. Luckily SP takes us about an hour, and the NPC for the quest is probably 30 minutes into it.

Then we're thinking about our next steps.

With Gruul dead, and the new fix that has HKM and G dropping three T4 tokens each, we'll be ready for some new action in a few weeks. Sure, Gruul will still be on the schedule for a while, but Maggy is coming soon.

With Magtheridon comes Champion of the Naaru. That means that the whole Guild will be grinding out Heroic Steamvaults, Arcatraz, Shadow Labs, and Shattered Halls, with Amava still in need of Arc and Shat Halls.

I see Heroics in your future!!!

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