Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Playing with one hand

Part of my blogging lapse is due to some surgery I had. For the past two weeks, my left hand is in a cast. The fingers can type, but it hurts like h3ll and is really awkward. There's some really important things I do with my left hand and maybe #2 on that list is WoW. Or #3.

Luckily, I play a class that can actually maximize its contribution, for the most part, by spamming a single key, so it's had very little impact on my pew pew.

However, arenas. ARENAS!!!!!

There's a part of the game I can't use my steady/auto macro for. Well, at least not until there's just a warrior at half-health with a dead partner who decides to just dance until its over.

Had to play out the last week of Season 3 in a cast. Died horribly. Dropped below 1500 to end it off. And there was much sadness. But the shiny new S3 helm I got brought a smile to my face.

BG's were not too bad with the cast. In WSG I can mostly just use my left hand to spam #2 for my wing clip macro while protecting flag runners. Other BG's varied in intensity and pain levels. And I've been BG'ing the crap out of the game to get nice shiny S4 Guardian's stuff, and S2 Merciless Gladiator stuff.

Raiding. Broke 1500 DPS for the first time on Curator. Now, I know its Curator and he's got his little Evocation damage boost thingie, but I'm still pretty stoked about 1500 DPS. I told the Survival Hunter and his Expose Weakness that I love him. He got weirded out, because I don't think he's quite secure enough to have a man express love. Silly 19 year olds. But I digress.

Strangely enough, my cast was just taken off two hours ago. For now, it hurts even more than with the cast, which was hard to anticipate given how much the cast hurt, but oh well. The swelling is kinda neat to look at, sausage fingers and all. So perhaps I'm even more of a one-hander for the near future.

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