Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Uber Premade

With the release of Season 4, I've been hitting the battlegrounds harder than usual. Assuming my Arena rating stays below 1575, which I have every reason to belive it will, I started the weekend with my eyes on 5 pieces of gear from BGs.

Getting ready to start off my saturday afternoon grind, I log in and nearly immediately see a message in Trade that somebody's assembling a premade. The name caught my eye as familiar. I checked my friends list only to discover that this person was an enchanter who I had do some work for me months ago. At that time, she was raiding Mt Hyjal, and aparently since then, has cruised through just about everything anybody on my server has been through.

So I join this team of 15 PvP'ers. For the first time in my WoW end-game career, I was by far and away the least geared in the group. Checking the armory, most of the group was in arena teams rated higher than 1850. Most entirely equipped in full S3 gear, with the only non S3 stuff being the S4 pieces they've already picked up.

For the next 3 hours, we went on to have the best time I think I've ever had in a large group setting in WoW.

On the surface, we started off with a bunch of 2000/0 EotS wins. While amusing, and nice for quick honor and marks, this became quite silly.

But then the Blizzard Queuing Mechanism kicked in and started pairing us up with other premades.

And the battles became epic. EPIC.

Outstanding coordination, faking advances at one node, then mass marching at another. Quick reactions to calls of incoming Horde. Nearly zero meaningless fighting in No Man's Land. Healers. Actual flesh and blood healers. Playing for Alliance. And getting into the action and healing ppl.

I was blown away by how much fun these fights were. We only lost two matches the entire 3 hours, and most of the games were hard fought wins against other good teams, not just steamrolling PUGs.

And I was equally blown away by the 8k honor I racked up in 3 hours.

Ended the weekend with a shiny new set of S2 shoulders, which look fantastic, and a new Seargant's Heavy Cloak, thus rounding out my PvP set, as the cloak was the only slot I didn't have a dedicated resilience piece for.

Assuming my Arena rating stays where it is, I'm looking at Guardian's Belt, S2 Helm, S2 Chest and then I can relax on the BG's.

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