Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pondering Kara

We're at that strange place in a Guild's progression.

You've been running 10-person raids for months. One team is basically done with Kara, the other is still needing lots of gear from there.

You've got 1 night of 25-person raiding going. Gruul getting better and better each week.

Time to add Magtheridon into the mix.

Ultimately, you want Gruul and Maggy in a single night, maybe 2 hours long. But not yet. For now, Gruul is 1 quick night, and Maggy should be given a nice solid block of a couple hours of undivided attention.

The first step is to redo our Karazhan teams.

We've got to get the folks who still feel they need Kara gear into a run that clears all the bosses they need in a single night.

Unfortunately, that is roughly 15 players across the guild. Which means we'll need to mix in an extra 5 players who really dont need anything from kara, but they'll run to help the team out, and also to get badges.

BUT, that then limits Zul'Aman runs, because we need some of the 20 kara-bound players for that raid.

Bottom line, we'll either need to put ZA on hold, or we'll need to tell some players that they have enough Kara gear to move on. Sure, they don't have every piece of gear they want from in there, but, clearly, the team is capable of moving forward, so not everybody will have every piece before we retire a dungeon.

How do your guilds make these decisions? When is it time to move on and leave a dungeon behind?


Anonymous said...

Our guild runs two 25-man raids every week. Karazhans are generally held on weekends. There are usually 2 or 3 groups depending on the weekend. Zul'Aman is whenever people feel like organizing something together when the raid resets.

I think the best way to move on is if you have a group that's already capable of farming a raid content. Rotate those people out temporarily and try to push for clearing the new content.

Since you've pretty much gotten Gruul down, Magtheridon should not be that much harder. I did Mags the other day with about 8 new people and we downed him on the 3rd try. As long as people can listen to instructions and execute them, it will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Our guild is in BT and Hyjal and still has KZ runs several times a week (generally on Thursday nights and Friday and Saturday afternoons). Granted, they're not "official" raids, but we usually have an officer or two in the run. I think KZ is one dungeon that shouldn't ever be completely "retired," since after you eventually get all your gear out of there you can still use it to farm badges.

-Alastren and Ruth