Monday, July 14, 2008

Guardian's Belt and Dory's Embrace

You've heard of Double Coupon Tuesdays, where a grocery store allows you to use two coupons to get a discount on the same item?

Well, how bout Double Epic Thursdays?

Left for work with 39 AB Marks of Honor, only 1 away from qualifying for the Guardian's Chain Belt, the sweet'tastic new S4 PvP Belt, providing a small chunk of additional stats over the Vindicator's Belt. It's also one of the few Guardian's pieces that has no Arena rating requirement tied to it.

Got myself into a killer of an AB. Upon entering the BG, I see a distant friend from my own server who is a priest in full S3/S4/T6 gear, and just insane. So I became a stalker. I followed her everywhere, like a shadow. With a big crossbow.

The two of us were a killing machine. My favorite was when the Alliance decided to abandon the LM because of the 6 Horde up there. Well, I was playing follow the healer, and she ran up there, so the two of us killed all 6 Horde. My health wouldn't dent, with probably just one of her renews running. She was healing my boar Ruby also, tyvm.

Alliance lost, despite my little friend. But no matter, new belt, she be mine.

Also, along the way, I inspected a Hunter who looked pretty cool.

And I was reminded of a cloak called Dory's Embrace, costing 60 Badges of Justice.

I've got a bunch of those laying around, so why not? New cloak, and another pile of Ignore Armor.

Returned to Arathi Basin with my new belt and new cloak.

Tore the place a new one. 5 consecutive wins, all down to the last few hundred points or even closer. And that got me half way to the 30 marks I need for the S2 chest which is in my sights now.

The difference the Ingore Armor makes is just nuts. Without trying to pad stats or fight needlessly, Amava blew the damage charts out of the water, in one AB actually doubling the nearest other player's overall damage from either faction. Cloth goes down so fast, my arrows ignore basically all of it now.

Druids? Normally my bane in BG? Well, still my bane, but I was out damaging most of their heals, which was so-so before the new loot.

Long story short, I'm a big fan. Dory might even become my PvE cloak also, but it lacks agility and hit which my Drape of Dark Reavers has. But Ignore Armor is so juicy.

Arenas, you're going to give me a 1550 rating. NOW!

/hug Dory

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Geek Gmr said...

I had wondered if ignoring armor was something I should look into for my nooblet hunter. Looks like its on like donkey kong.. grats on the gear!