Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unstable Flasks

Why do they make it such a pain in the tucckus to buy Unstable Flasks?

Doing my mana cells daily quest, I stumbled upon a Bash'ir Crystalforge in Blades Edge Mountain. It gave me a cog icon as I approached it, so I right clicked it. It let me buy some Unstable Flask of the Sorcerer in exchange for Apexis Shards.

I thought that Unstable Flasks were only available after doing some overly complex NPC escort/assault that only triggers every two hours, and aparently requires a sizeable number of people to complete.

Thinking I had randomly found the vendor after somebody else completed the assault, I gobbled up a few stacks of the Sorcerer flasks for my teammates. But I'm still in search of Bandit flasks for myself.

Research shows that Sorcerer is always available from the Crystalforge. No special world event required.

Anybody out there know how to get the Bandit flasks?

I'm thinking I'll try sitting in on the bi-hourly event solo just to see what its all about, with a thousand Apexis Shards in my bag in case I actually find the NPC.

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