Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is the day when I have nothing to say

Can you believe that? I'm sitting here with some time to spare. And nothing.

Well, I supose it was my 1 year WoW birthday last Friday.

Hip hip huzzah!

You ever get to the last boss in a raid with like 5 minutes left on your buffs? So, before the boss, you drink your two elixirs, oil up your two hander, eat some fish, invoke a scroll, have all your buddies work their magics on you, and then go kick some butt?

Then you log out.

Next time you log in, you jump directly into dailies. Or maybe even a BG.

And you wonder why you're romping and stomping. Crushing Horde at the LM. Burning down skinnables in 3 shots. Crit'ing like a madman.

Oh, yeah, I'm still a fully buffed machine of death.

That's when you remember why you bring all those expensive consumables to your raid. They do make a difference.

Hey, lookie there. I found something to talk about :-)

Also, I never knew what a waterspout was. All my life, I've been singing Itsy Bitsy Spider, and had no idea what a waterspout was. Until this afternoon when some people at work came by my cube, gawking out the window at something. So I minimize my blog reader peek over and see this tornado thingie stretching from the surface of Lake Erie up to some of the nastiest clouds I've ever seen in my life. So that's a waterspout. Go figure. I always thought it was a gutter thingie that goes from the ground up to the roof of a house, intended to guide rain off the roof without tearing up the topsoil. Seems that a spider would be much more inclined to be hanging out near my house than on the surface of a Great Lake. Maybe its a homonym.


Geek Gmr said...

The song refernces a gutter drain not the tornado over a body of water as you suspected..

And yeah.. I love being in "uber" mode when I'm all raid buffed and I run into a bg.. or start farming things for a buddy. What will make you feel god-like?

Try running a lowbie through an instance when raid buffed. SM, too much fun. ZF? a joke. Its all fun all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, this may be not related to your blog or the post I'm posting this. But, since you're kinda bored ... I want to bother you with a question ;) What is the point of dps-warriors? They don't provide much tankability so they don't deserve the title warrior imo. They do less damage than any other dps-class can bring. They usually die in an instant to aoe-damage done by bosses. So, the only purpose is to be a selfish pvp-oriented player, and even then they have nothing much to contribute than a group-bound buff?

I understand that it is important to level up a toon with a cookie-cutter-spec. But, once you reached lvl70 and raid-content, what is the point of dps-warriors?
I have a lvl70hunter (BM)/druid (Feral/Tank)/priest (Holy) and I still don't get the point of dps-warriors- Someone emlightn me.

Geek Gmr said...

I had this whole flame going on for you mr "anonymous". A whole booklet of stuff.. but in the end what it boils down to is..

You probably lost a dps position to a dps warrior... or.. you lost aggro to one (on your tank).. or.. you had to heal one who wasn't a MT and you got huffy.

In the end you know the purpose.. you KNOW. You KNOW that the reason you can be a lvl 70 Fury warrior is because it allows you to be a lvl 70 fury warrior. Something new.. Something different. Why would 3 classes in the game all have dps/tank abilities? Why not just have one? Because they all bring something different to the table.. all of them have a slightly different skillset. Helpful for the group? sure.. they do damage. That kills things.. ergo they are helping.

I am sorry for your bad experience, but DPS warriors are both viable and welcomed in many raids.

Durgan said...

Sooooo quiet in here. Hello???