Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm a big fan of Gauntlet events in dungeons.

Thrall's escape in OHB, the firey hallway in Shattered Halls, the approach to Akil'zon in Zul'Aman, pushing through the Scouts on the way to Jan'ali. Even the 5v5 PvP event in Magister's Terrace, although not really a gauntlet, but definitely fast paced and unpredictable.

They break you out of the mold of carefully planning each and every mob in each and every pull, and force the team to react to a dynamic environment, communicate on the fly, and improvise your execution.

Lots of people hate them, because they're tough. They push us out of our comfort zone. They illustrate the beauty of an /assist macro. They renew your love for your Druids and a timely combat rez that saves you from starting the gauntlet over.

Seems like the further we get in raid progression, the more gauntlets there are. Sign me up!!!

Hittin' ZA last night, we started with Akil'zon, and beat the timer. Then, it only gave us 14 minutes to get Nalorakk, which was not enough. Is that right? Shouldn't it reset the timer to 20 minutes, which definitely would have been enough. We were unclear about what order you have to do the timed events in. Is there a specific boss kill sequence you need to follow?

Cleared on over to Jan'ali. Came so so close to killing him, and with two Protection Warriors. Key seems to be for the Warlock and Mage to determine just how many hatchlings they can handle at a time. They clear one side, while I put up the goal line defense and stop the Hatcher on the other side from reaching his eggs. Next week, we return with a Pally tank and he's dead meat, even though I want to do it with 2 Warriors, just to prove a point.

Cleared on over to Halazzi. Got him to phase 2 before wiping. That's our first, and only, attempt at that boss.

I soooo want to clear this place out before WotLK.


TYAERA said...

You get a fixed amount of time added to the timer after you kill each boss, so the amount of time you have between bosses depends on how close you got to the timer on the previous one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that is correct. I think that Bear adds 15 mins, Eagle adds 10 and none of the other bosses add anything so you have 45 minutes to clear 4 bosses plus trash for the 4 timed chests.

The best I have done with T4/T5 (rest of the group about the same) was 2 and wiping just before the 3rd boss which killed our 3rd chest.