Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Coolest Thing in the World

So I recently discovered the coolest thing in the world.....playing WoW with your significant other.

It is just. so. much. fun.

Not too long ago, I posted about the "Level 5 by Summer's End" project.

Yeah. Right. We were level 5 by the end of that week. Sounds slow and sloppy to you, yes? Remember when you first played your first toon? Levels were a bit slower going than when you create your 10th alt toon.

She's playing an Orc Shaman and I'm playing a Blood Elf Paladin. The hope is that she goes Elemental and I go Protection, but we're both apt to follow our noses so that might change at any moment.

Seeing the game through a set of brand new eyes is so cool. Watching her discover different ways to kill mobs or how to research via third party sites. Even basic stuff like how to find vendors, trainers, repair guys, zepplin towers. You name it. All those things we take for granted as second nature now. At one point, everything in the game was new to us. Its exciting to watch someone go through it.

And, showing yet again why I love her, she's rich. Mining and Jewelcrafting. Even at low level. She's smacking that Horde AH silly and is well on her way to being filthy stinking rich.

My only regret is that she's out there levelling up while I'm raiding so she's 13 and I'm still only 10 (edit: 16 and 12). But watching her get her fire totems while I was making a nice rug out of Nalorakk was priceless.

Trying to walk anywhere is pretty funny. She's a miner and I'm a herbalist. Every two seconds one of us is calling out that we need to diverge a little bit to get a node. We take 45 minutes to get from Razor Hill to Sen'jin Village.

She's always been supportive of my WoW'ing and always took an active interest in my hobby. She could tell you more about how to beat Shade of Aran than many raiders can, lol.

But playing together is just the icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

She's following your footsteps in becoming rich. :P

Rayare said...

It really is the coolest thing in the world. My boyfriend and best friend have both been playing since WoW came out. Best friend started me on the game and leveled with me (Hunter/Shammy), and now the boyfriend is taking over and teaching me how to raid. Date night, right?

Durgan said...

Wish I could get the fiance started, she plays video games, but she just has no interest in the game. Still figuring out how to get her interested in it.