Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visitors and Respect

When you visit the house of a friend of a friend, how do you behave? I'm willing to bet that you don't tell the Mrs. how to cook her roast, insult their couch and drapes that don't match, and kick their dog.

So why do people join another Guild's raid and yap all night long about everything you're doing wrong?

If you're such a tasty morsel, why aren't you already locked into this dungeon with your own guild?

In our two nights of 25-person action so far, we've been able to field between 20-22 raiders from our Guild. The first night, we allied with another guild, and they happily provided sufficient players to round out our raid. Our second night, that other guild actually only had a single member online that we knew of, so we had to fill in a few slots off of friends lists.

And one of the players told the Mrs what he thought was the best seasoning for a roast, shared the fact that our neither our couch nor our drapes follow any sort of conventional wisdom of interior decorating, and our dog ran off whimpering.

Its strange, because, quite frankly, he was right about the roast. It's been dry and tasteless, but none of us knew of a better way to cook it up. The couch does look silly, but that butt groove I've worn into it is just too damn comfy. But the dog? Come on, there's no need for the kick.

It was more in the delivery of criticism or ideas. Maybe too blunt, maybe too much of an edge of arrogance.

Some decent ideas that I incorporated into our strategy.

Some decent ideas that I did not incorporate, and provided reasons why the ideas wouldn't fit with team.

Some marginal ideas that I did not incorporate.

Decent personal performance in his role in the raid.

It was the way he shared his ideas, just rubbed the team wrong. When a guest in someone else's house, you should feel free to speak your thoughts, but a respectful tone is a Good Thing.

Overall, I'm happy he was part of the raid, due to the few good ideas we did incorporate and his own personal performance.

But, please, for your own good, and the enjoyment of all those around you, pretty please, with sugar on top, work on your delivery.

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