Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't Leave Home Without It

My Blizzard Authenticator arrived Monday.

Cute little key fob. Register it in 4 minutes at the website. Log into WoW, press the button, type the code. Viola. My giant pile of gold is safe (well, safer) from key loggers.

And now, I can never leave home without my Authenticator. Big problem, because I play at two different houses on a regular basis, and I also travel pretty regularly and play on the road.

As a result, my Authenticator is now attached to my regular key chain with my car keys.

Are you happy to see me, or is that a Blizzard Authenticator in your pocket?

So, what's the first thing that happens, just moments after I affix the auth to my keychain?

I walk out to my car, only to discover the window smashed in and all the contents rummaged through.

Lol, the shthead didn't look in the sunglass compartment, so he didn't find the iPod he was looking for. I hope you got glass in your eye, you S.O.B.

So, the next morning, driving with a stupid plastic bag duct taped over the gaping window, I pull up to the Auto Glass shop for a replacement.

KK, can we have your keys, please?

Over my dead body. You're gonna try to steal my gold!!!!!!

Luckily, the easy solution is to just remove Blizzard Authenticator from the key chain and take it with me, rather than threaten them with bodily harm should anything happen to my WoW account.

Which, I'm sure will guarantee that I now forget my auth and end up somewhere ready to play, but unable to login.

I love the added security, but now its up to me to not be Forgetful Smurf.

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