Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just a small feel-good moment

I've been reading through some posts at Lume the Mad about running a guild and running a raid. Very interesting stuff if you've never seen it before. Probably interesting even after you've seen it, but I wouldn't know that yet.

Long story short, he runs a guild that's in Sunwell Plateau, competing with other guilds for first kills and such on the server. So pretty advanced content, to say the least.

I got a small feel-good moment of the day when I was reading a post. To paraphrase, he's talking about assessing healer performance, how you might view a healer as bad because a number of their assignments died, but you can't just look at the raw data, because maybe those assignments stood in the cave-ins on Gruul's fight.

Felt warm and fuzzy to hear somebody killing the final bosses in the game talking about the same bosses my guild is killing. Perhaps a steak and cheese sub to celebrate, although I hope the sandwich is warm but not fuzzy.

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