Monday, July 7, 2008

Of course you realize, this means war!

Well, its official. Cats and Dogs are now officially recognized to be living together. Mass Hysteria is spreading across the land.

We run raids. Amava pumps out max dps for the team. This is a fundamental of our team dynamics. It keeps Amava's undying thirsty ego distracted and also kills bosses quickly. All was well with the world.

Until wednesday's kara run.

#2 became #1 and Amava played 2nd Fiddle.

And loved it! We cruised through Kara, clearing all the bosses we needed. Plagued with disconnects, both hardware and emotional, (one player in a hotel in Asia, another visiting family and playing over a dial-up, another dealing with spite issues), we still danced a jig on Prince's corpse.

And naturally, both T4 tokens were for the 3 classes we did not have present.

Personally, I blame the DPS rankings on the fact that we skipped Maiden and did Illhoof. I think the Warlock steered us to Illhoof in purpose for this reason, but I'll have to launch an investigation to prove it.

But, to his credit, he beat me on two other boss fights also, which will have to be examined. Maybe I had my riding crop equipped or something. Perhaps I'll be trying out the new 3:2 shot rotation macro and see what kind of mileage we can get out of them shiny purplz.

Either way, he broke 1000 DPS for the overall run, and nearly 1100, which is impressive for our level of progression.

And, like Bugs Bunny, I took my glove off, slipped a brick in it, and slapped him upside his head, proclaiming "Of course you realize, this means war!"

And, no, the person dealing with spite issues was NOT Amava, although that wouldn't be far fetched.

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