Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Hexed Toon

Guildies say the darnedest things.

I like to use the blog as a platform from which I can share the joys, the sorrows, the successes, the failures, the ins and outs of my WoW experience. Along the way, I cover some of the challenges that a guild faces as it transitions through all the many phases of progression. Some of it may come out as "dirty laundry" type stuff, but hopefully I maintain a constructive tone, intended to help others, or sometimes stray to vent my own frustrations, rarely calling any individual person out, and definitely not by name.

As an Officer, I have many conversations and situations that arise that never hit the press. Sometimes its sticky drama that's in progress, and therefore, I'll hold back until events unfold. Other times its just the mundane day-to-day stuff that comes from trying to organize 40 or so people towards a common goal. Still other times, its so personally insulting to someone involved in the situation that its just better left unsaid. While I reserve the right to blog about wtf ever I want to, I do want my fellow guildies to feel free that I'll respect their confidentiality if it truly is a sensitive issue.

But this one simply baffled me.

Shortly before a recent raid, I get a tell from a Guild member, asking for a moment to talk on voice in private.

Sure, what's up?

We party up and get on voice chat. Being a sharp cookie, I determine from the first word that this member is upset. Extremely upset.

Doing my best to not escalate the level of adrenaline, I try finding out what the problem is.

Slowly but surely, I determine that the problem is related to gear.

Still trying to calm the member down, I find out its also about our Gruul's raid.

Ok, I find myself becoming intrigued, because I really want to know the issue, but am having a tough time following the story.

The difficulty in communication appears to be only blurred due to anger and being really riled up, and although you can't be sure over voice-only communication channels, I have no reason to believe the person was drunk or high or some such, although the level of agitation would easily be explained by intoxication.

I'm pretty sure it was the anger.

This goes on for ten minutes or so, and raid time is ticking closer and closer, with the team really getting antsy to get the big gun invited, so I ask the person to summarize, because I'm having a tough time following.

My character is hexed. I will not be raiding Gruuls anymore!!!

Hexed? You don't say? Please do elaborate.

Ever since level 1, this toon is hexed and cannot roll higher than a 20

Now I'm getting a picture. Seems the player is upset because we distribute loot on a /roll basis, and if you truly and thoroughly believe that your toon is unable to roll higher than 20, your opportunities for gear are statistically limited.

I put on my computer systems diagnostic troubleshooting hat.

Do you have any alts with the problem?

No, I roll 90's and 100's on my alts all the time. This guy cant roll over 20.

Hmmmm. I'm puzzled. Maybe you can open a ticket with Blizzard, because if what you say is true, and there is really a hex on your toon, that would be pretty unfair, and maybe they can patch it or fix it or what ever you do to remove a hex.

I did that, back in my 60's. They said the roller isnt hexed.

ZOMG, I simply must get my hands on that ticket. I'd give anything to see that ticket and be in the room at Blizz when it got processed.

I explain that I definitely understand the frustration that comes with the feeling that one is limited to rolling 20 or less. The Officers have batted around the possibility of exploring DKP or other non-roll loot distribution systems, but have no plans to implement one in the immediate future. We love having you on the team, your contributions as a player and as a friend are without question. I'd hate to lose you due to some hexed dice. If you stick with us, I can promise you that we will continue to progress through the dungeons together, hopefully pushing through Magtheridon, as well as sizable chunks of SSC and TK before the expansion comes out, and you have a solid position on that team. What I cannot promise you, is any loot, other than what our Guild-wide loot policy allows.

I tell ya. I was flabbergasted.

At this point, the member seemed very much calmed down, and listening constructively, so we left off that he and I will monitor the situation for the next couple of weeks, and touch base to see how things have gone.

We shall see what the future has in store for the hexed /roll'er.

And to the guildie in question, If you're reading this, please don't think I'm making fun. I really and truly empathize with your frustration. You feel that your access to loot is less than your peers. That cannot feel good. I'm going to need your help figuring out how we can remove the hex and get your access to loot on equal footing with the rest of the Guild.


Val said...

I've got some guildmates like that too, but we don't instance together enough for me to see it first-hand.

At least there's one thing - running heroics for badge gear means you're never in competition for others for the badges themselves, and there's always upgrades on the horizon :)

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Chorius said...


Our guild started using it and the only drama we've had since is, "Damn, I shouldn't have taken that last drop, I really want those."