Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oopsie, you forgot your tokens

I get on Amava for some early morning battlegrounds. Hoping to complete the daily, Eye of the Storm.

I'm about 2k honor away from the Guardian's belt which will be a PvP and PvE improvement for me, thus prime candidate for next gear upgrade.

Nail EotS with 3 quick 4-caps and one hard fought victory, in which yours truly capped 4 flags, as the team was clearly going for the 2-cap-plus-flags strategy. There was much rejoicing.

Port on over to Stormwind, mount up and ride over to the PvP Vendor house, nearly falling into the canal along the way, because I like to cut the corner and jump off the bridge, but I'm still a clutz.

Happily talk to the vendor with the Guardian's loot.

He says "kk, that'll be 17k-ish honor and 40 AB tokens, please".

Doh. Silly tokens. Brb, they're in the bank.

Double Doh. I've only got 18.

Coconut that I am, I recently exchanged about 30 or so sets of four tokens for honor in that repeatable quest. Major brainfart in an effort to get a necklace quickly. Totally lost sight of what my future needs would be. Gotta love impulsive decisions in search of instant gratification.

So now I'll be hitting all AB, all the time. I need a total of 70 tokens for the S2 Helm and the Guardian's Belt. Uggy uggy uggy.

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