Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Spitey Sense

The ongoing saga of our Guilds friendly competition to see which Karazhan could down Netherspite first and close the ugly gap that is our 12/13 record in the WoW Jutsu report.

We've been "clearing" kara for months now, but never decided to take the time to down Ole 'Spitey, always choosing to farm a few extra bosses for badges and loot.

With Team 1 on the verge of stopping Kara runs, and Team 2 romping and stomping through the place, we dropped our gloves and went for it. Who's gonna get the progression kill?

Monday night. Both Kara teams have a mostly cleared dungeon waiting for them.

Unfortunately only 16 raiders showed up (summer-itis, damn you), half saved to one Raid ID and half to another Raid ID (blizzard, damn you).

After much deliberation, the Command Decision was made to have Team 2 sit out for their first time so far, and provide one member who was not yet saved to a Raid ID.

This put us at 9 players, made up of a mix of T1 and T2. PuG a 10th. Discover 5 minutes later that he's saved to another Raid ID.

Doh. Now we're faced with not being able to run.

Having just come off a conversation with a member about the impacts of canceling raids I decided to spitefully cancel the raid, just to prove a point suggest we 9-man it.


"Chugga Chugga Choo Choooo"

Warm up with Nightbane. Bang.

Since we're in the mood to kill Dragons, lets go try out Netherspite.

Some analysis and discussion based off of WoW Wiki's write up.

First try. 38%

Ok, some fuss about ppl running through the red beam to get to their assigned beams after a phase transition.

Next try. Pay attention while running around immediately following the Banish Phase. (A) let the tank build aggro (duh) and (B) run around the Red Beam's generator. Use Aspect of Cheetah if you need to get to the Blue Beam quickly (silly hunter).

At about 80%, the Warlock who was blocking the Blue Beam DC's. We're at 8 people now.

Amava takes the next Blue Beam, which was planned, followed by substituting a Mage in on the next cycle.

At about 40%, the Warlock reconnects. Back to 9 people.

Netherspite. Bang.

Dead dragon. Guild First kill. 9 people, made up of players from both kara teams.

Continue on to one shot Illhoof and Prince with 9.

Nice ending to what started as a possible glum evening.

General Strategy we used:

Beam Phase 1: Red-Warrior (MT), Blue-Warlock, Green-Rogue
Beam Phase 2: Red-Prot Paladin, Blue-Hunter (me), Green-Warrior (MT)

And of course, during the DC, we had our Mage sub in the Blue Beam for the Warlock.

I just stood there and absorbed all ticks for the entire Blue Beam duration. No problems at all, although I did have a Holy Priest paying pretty close attention to me. The attack power boost is lovely and left me delivering about 1550 DPS for the encounter.


Anonymous said...

Whoo! Congratulations! Nothing like a guild first. =)

Geek Gmr said...

Grats Amava!

Never been to netherspite... sad really.

But grats!!

Anonymous said...

Grats mate!!

I am also kinda glad to hear that both groups will get credit for the kill.