Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gear Rankings

A friend whispered me the other day "dude, you're ranked 185 on our server".

What? Ranked how? I know I can write my name in the snow better than your average cheep beer chugging bloke, but I didnt think Blizzard had a way of tracking that?


Seems they put together a score for your toon based on your gear as reported by the Armory.

Then they put together a listing ranking each player on your server, ordered by your gear score.

Paging through the results, indeed, Amava is reported at 185th on the server when logged out in my best finery.

I'm puzzled. Seems pretty high. I havent looked at census data to see how many players there are on Terokkar, but 185th?

Maybe its only for players who have modelled their toon on warcrafter.net, and not all players in the Armory?

Looking at the toons near mine, the quick random sampling I did shows that they're all wearing at least one piece of T6 gear.

So I did some quick mathy math.

Currently WoW Jutsu puts my guild at 31st on the server across both factions.

For the sake of the argument, lets pretend that each guild fields only 25 people.

According to this assumption, ahead of us in the guild ranking is 30 guilds X 25 players each = 750 players.

Sure, in each of those guilds, you'll have a spectrum of gear levels among the raiders, ranging from the people blowing away the Damage/Healing/Threat meters down to the folks afk'ing their way through BT being carried all the way. But, you've also got more than 25 folks gathering gear in each of those guilds, so I think it's a wash.


Strange. I'm going to have to assume their data is only for people who have visited warcrafter, and not the full population, because 185 seems suspiciously high.

Or else, lots of other people are ignoring Arena Welfare, BG Welfare, and Badge Welfare as a source of some high quality stuff.


Anonymous said...

you are correct. Warcrafter only scores people whose gear have been parsed by the system. If no one has loaded a character's information, it will not be ranked. The number 185 then means you are 185th of the total number of character profiles that have been loaded from your server.

Geek Gmr said...

My Warlock has been on the "shelf" for a long time now, mostly just helping other people's alts level. I have been to SSC many times and kara a few times (not all the way through tho).. BT once, and TK 5 times. My gear is scored at 953. Yours is way way higher.. bout 200 higher that I could see. Just shows how hard you're pushing man.. I wouldn't sweat it.. Oh.. and I would add this. I was not even parsed yet so I imagine if you pulled the top 3 guilds from wowjutsu on your server and parsed a few people you're rank (185 or something) may go the way of the birds in winter. But the Gearscore I think is pretty good and possibly even comparatively accurate.