Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Proper Way to Welcome New Guildies

Celebrating the 4th of July weekend properly, I was outdoors and with family the whole time, and as such, away from WoW for 3 days.

Ok, so we weren't outdoors the whole time, and we did get some family time on the Wii, including me blasting away most of my sister's high scores in the Wii Fit balance games. I think its because I mostly stand up when I play WoW, but I digress. Oh, and while I'm digressing, they need to rename the movie to "White Men Can't Dance", which some recent video footage of Dance Dance Revolution will readily confirm.

So sunday night, I drive 400 miles home, and log in for Gruul's.

Looking through the Guild, I see a Paladin that I worked with back in my 30's in a leveling guild, and he's now been invited. We whispered a little of the good old days, then it was down to business getting the raid set up.

My chief concern of the evening was how to properly welcome him to the Guild. You can't treat these things lightly.

While getting set up, we also had a Resto Shaman who was a friend of a few players join our guild.

Now a true celebration is in order.

I got to thinking, how about a raid to celebrate? Sure, lets do it.

Form up the team, zone on into the instance, and raise some h3ll.

Took a few tries, but HKM goes down.

Both new invitees do awesome. Our Mage Tank, in her shiny new stamina set, did awesome. Overall, the entire team did a fantastic job. We handled three wipes with dignity and remained focused on learning from our defeats, and making small incremental changes each time. I'm fully confident that next week, this fight will be much less chaos and that much closer to farming.

On to Gruul. Last week, our first visit to his Lair, we got him down to 24% in our best attempt.

This week? Best attempt, 0%.

Yep, we've got a shiny new screenshot of 25 combatants standing before a face-down Gruul.

The fight was interesting. Survivability was king. Stay away from other folks so you don't Shatter. I spent most of the fight shimmying from side to side, trying to find a safe little nook between adjacent players. Although I'm happy with my DPS output, all the jockeying for position did hurt my numbers, so I'm looking at this as the biggest area for my own personal improvement.

The raid generally did a nice job moving around and adjusting to the chaos. Some nice usage of bandages also helped reduce the healing burden, although it did slow the DPS down and cause the fight to go longer than I'd like. I think we had him at growth 13 or 14, but I'm not 100% sure, the end of the fight was a blur.

Judgment of Wisdom was absolutely wonderful for mana regen.

Aldori Legendary Defender dropped and the Main Tank won the roll. Good stuff, from what I hear, its a pretty nifty shield. A couple Hunters/Mages/Warlocks got T4 love. w00t.

So I exclaimed "Welcome to the Guild, [Pally] and [Shammy]. This is how we do things around here!"

I have a tendancy to get a little passionate about things, and the excitement must have come across in my voice, because someone texted out "I bet Amava's jumping up and down right now" as I was in mid-leap.

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