Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ranting about Arenas

I'll just throw this one out there.....

Blizzards Arena Matching System Blows.

Going into the week, my team started at around 1475. We should be fighting other players like us. Moderate-to-Decent gear, decent resil (369 and 411), got a handle on the basics of PvP, just not all that good at execution.

Why, oh why, do you pair us up with teams filled with Challengers, Gladiators, Rivals, Duelists, etc?

Why is there Hand of A'dal fighting the likes of us?

Sure, its the beginning of the season, so maybe they missed the first few weeks and are just starting out at 1500.

But Blizzard, shirley you cant be serious?

They need to incorporate a "Games Played" factor into their calculation. Since we hover around 1500, we will NEVER actually get accurate pairings, we'll always brandy new teams that are destined for 2000 and glory or 1200 and rerolling. Even this early in the season, our 40 games played should have Blizzard looking for someone near us in ranking and with at least a handful of games played. That would help separate us from the recently formed teams that are gross mismatches for us.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the agony that is three consecutive matches against double Challengers.

Here's my interpretation of how their ranking/queueing system should work:

1200-1300 coconuts dancing naked.

1300-1400 teams dancing with gear on.

1400-1500 people who are trying but have poor resil.

1500-1600 players who have done their homework in BG and have the resil, but not so much with the Arena skillz.

1600-1700 people who are pretty good, showing more coordination and mobility, as well as proper team composition.

1700-1850 now we're talkin'. these guys have an excellent grasp on using terrain, LoS, coordinated CC and focus fire, endurance matches rather than quick wins, exploiting opponent weakness while maximizing friendly strengths.

1850-2000 same as the previous bracket, only these guys have better twitch reflexes, faster reactions, better macros, just better execution.

2000+ should be for the best of the best. Maverick and Goose, Iceman and Slider, Aspect of the Viper and Jester of WoW.

One of the matches had a guy in S3 shoulders. S3 Shoulders? Means he had a 2000 or better rating last season or a 1950 or so rating this season. Stop queueing me up with these guys! They're clearly better than me. I don't need to get pwned to prove it.

Stop it! By playing dumb and pretending you can't sort out the teams a little better than your simplistic 1500-starting-point algorithm, you're making your customers hate you with a passion that burns with the heat of a thousand stuns suns.

Challenging matches, win or lose, are fun and invigorating. Blow outs, giving or receiving, are a mockery of my $15.

Unless the season starts to normalize, and teams start getting ranked and matched more properly, I think I'm gonna become a coconut dancing naked to cash in on my 250 points per week.

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Darraxus said...

I know how that goes. I have a warrior paired up with a Ret pally and we are a pretty good team. We keep getting these annoying mage rogue combos. I hate mages. We also had a two rogue team that both had the season 3 shoulders. Somehow we beat them. I only have around 200 and something resilience a the moment but im working on more (I dont have any of the pvp rings or necks but I will be picking up Dory's Embrace shortly). Oh....and dont calle me Shirley :)