Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calling PPL Out in BG

When a Battleground is first starting up, you are typically bombarded by a few different comments.

The best (read: worst) is the various requests for Mage tables and Warlock stones. Yeah, as if the Mages and 'Locks didn't know you were hungry.

You also get the discussions about how well your faction has been doing in BG lately.

Then you get the strategists.

Some times its a macro guy with about 15 lines of text dumped into chat via a macro, completely bombarding the team, and largely ignored.

There's also the guy who gives short, succinct strategy, that is largely constructive, however small the team's reaction is. This is the guy with "G1 FR, G2 DR, G3 MT, ignore flag until 3 cap".

And then there's my favorite guy.

He's the one who tells us a specific strategy, usually in a simple, nice format. But he says it in a way that, for some reason, you just have zero confidence that he's following his own advice.

Running AV. Shortly after the gate opens and we're all trotting on over to our initial objectives (probably Galv, and not RH or IBGY, but that's neither here nor there).

This guy opens up with "4 people guard each of IBT and TP till they cap".

I don't know what bugged me about it, but I just felt that he was asking people to do something that he, himself, was unwilling to do.

Poo poo.

So I'm all "[Guy], which tower will you be guarding?"

He's all...silent.

We kill Galv. I notice on my mini-map that [Guy] is pretty stationary near FWGY. FWGY? Uggy.

So I'm all "[Guy], sorry, I didn't catch which tower you were guarding. I'd like to help you out."

He's all "I got ganked on my way to the tower".

I'm all "700 yards south of TP?"

He's all...silent.

Alliance ends up losing the BG.

Queue up. See same [Guy] in the Battleground.

Before it starts, I'm all "I'll be guarding TP and [Guy] will be in IBT. We'd love 2 players to join each of us to hold until cap"

He's all...silent.

BUT, sure as sht, he went to IBT, and I went to TP. A couple brave folks joined each of us. We held both until they blew up.

[Guy] did a great job, called out INC, stayed until cap.

Alliance went on to win the BG.

Long story short, practice what you preach.

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