Friday, July 18, 2008

Epic Flight Form

What do you do when a kara run goes poof?

Get your butts into some Heroic runs.

(A) Heroic Daily Quest was Sethekk Halls

(B) Druid just got epic flight training that very same day

Sounds like a match made in Heaven.

Amava tagged along for most of the quest chain, 4 shotting most of the bosses the Druid needed to kill, which was fun, and gave me a laugh as I read the comments on the WoW Head pages for the quests that say how hard they are. Hard for a Resto Druid solo? Sure. How 'bout if you bring some muscle with you? Not so much.

Then onto the dungeon run, where the Druid needs to summon some special birdie boss who then in turn summons two sets of lots of birdies.

Favorite Moment #1: In Sethekk Halls, you come across lots of pulls that contain a guy who drops a totem that charms people. He's wears cloth armor, and with Amava's Ignore Armor set on, its basically like he's naked. One died from a 3-shot combo of Aimed/Arcane/Auto, triple crit. None of the other DPS even got an attack off. There was much laughter.

Favorite Moment #2: First Boss. Summons 3 waves of 4 elementals. One strategy is to burn him down to 75%, let him summon the elementals, stop DPS on the boss, kill the elementals, continue to 50% and 25%, repeating the process. BOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG. We went with a strategy that someone called "Blow Him" but I think they forgot to say "Away" at the end. Either way, giving is better than receiving and the boss really didn't enjoy the process. Burned him straight down, ignoring elementals (or maybe fearing some of them), at end, only Tank and Amava standing. Tank at, no joke, 73 health. Amava at 150 health. Counts as a one-shot.

Killed off the special summoned bird boss guy, and then Ikiss for the Heroic Daily.

Favorite Moment #3: Fly with Druid to Cenarion Refuge and watch the conversion from slow Black Raven to speedy Purple Turkey Vulture. There was much rejoicing, as its the first Epic Flight Form ceremony the Guild ever had.

Side note: Wasn't it Ikiss who said fun stuff like "you no use trinket"? I thought I remembered him having fun emotes like that in a crazy voice, but I heard nothing of the sort as we slaughtered him last night.


Val said...

Hey, congrats on that!

I guess nobody got the mount drop from Anzu eh?

I really want to farm for that on my Priest, but my friends who have druids at 70 aren't geared well enough or play enough to do Setthek regularly and get that silly bird.

Maybe I should post on my blog about it and see if I can find a Zul'jinian Druid who would team up with me to hit that heroic once a day until we both get the mount...

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Zul'jin-US, Horde side

Geek Gmr said...

Again sounds like TOO MUCH FUN. My warlock I think would have made things easier elementals.. dots.. an imp with a crapload of stamina as a buff to the group...

Honestly never done sethekk. Every time a group forms someone falls off.. its always one of the 2 important ppl (tank/healer) and we're stuck standing there with our.. nevermind. I want the bird mount for my hunter.. I mean really a big bird to ride on? are you kidding me? I of course want one..