Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clippeth the Auto Shot, never more

Here's the post of a million questions....

So patch 2.4.3 goes live tuesday.

(A) bye bye 3600 gold. hello, 3 Haris Pilton bags and 6 new bag slots. That's first thing on the schedule. Lol, 600 gold per bag slot.

(B) I'm not 100% sure how to interpret the patch notes, but it says....

Hunters: Using an instant ability after Steady Shot will no longer lock out auto shot.

Well, at least according to a posting by Valdesta, that's what it says.

So does this mean we can never clip an autoshot? Seems that Steady Shot can, but not instants such as Arcane or Multi? Can you clip with SS today?

I haven't really seen a ton of analysis on what this will mean to our DPS, other than that it'll generally improve because people who are clipping like crazy today, will see a damage increase, without changing behavior.

But what about for people who were already paying attention to clipping?

I've been a 1:1 Steady:Auto macro fanboi ever since a commenter to one of my posts showed it to me, a short while after I dinged 70. My #3 key on my keyboard is more worn out than my favorite 5 minutes of video footage on an old VHS tape that's been watched/rewound a billion times since I was about 16 years old.

Is a new Golden Macro going to be published that'll keep my #3 key in business? Or will we just be hammering the same old macro, mixing in Arcane and Multi everytime the cooldown is up?

Will this convert Hunters from MQoSRDPS to a more bursty type of damage? If I can roll steady:auto, mixing in arcane and multi whenever cooldown is available without any clipping, I'm going to burn mana pretty damn fast. I'll never leave home without a Judgment of Wisdom, Shadow Priest, and/or Shaman again.

Is haste the new kingly stat for Hunters, or is there still an optimal amount of haste for each spec/weapon speed?


Anonymous said...

I believe that was meant to correct the Kill Command bug, but interesting question on Arcane Shot. I never thought of that.

Multi shot isn't exactly instant. It has a 0.5-second cast time.

Morane said...

600g per new bag slot. I hate you.

Karl said...

loronar is correct.

This is NOT for the clipping. That remains. This IS for the Kill Command and related bugs.

The clipping is supposed to be removed in WoLTK.

Karl said...

also.. your other comments about the clipping are good questions, we just have to wait for WoLTK.

Haste may indeed be very tasty.