Friday, July 18, 2008

Where you really learn how to play

Been playing Horde with the gf some more. Elemental Shaman and Protection Paladin is a fun pair to roll. Sure, at level 20 and 16, not really deep enough in our trees to call ourselves by our specs, but it gets more specialized with each ding.

Most of the questing we do is straight forward. Same as solo, just you move a bit faster, die a bit less, and have to grind a bit longer if its a collection quest.

But then you come across a quest that really makes your duo shine.

For us it was in Northwatch Hold, an Alliance strong point along the coast of the Barrens. Some guy in Ratchet tasked us with killing 10 of the guards, and then 3 individual named Alliance leaders. We were level 15 and 19 at the time, and the quest was Red for both of us.

Lets Roll!!!!

10 Guards, no sweat.

Skip the first tower on the way up the hill, because there's an escort that starts in there, so save it.

Second tower, no fuss, one Alliance leader down.

Third tower, pretty easy on the way in, although the mobs are packed pretty tight and they run when nearly dead, and they have healers with them. Its a little more dicey than your standard quest.

Two Alliance leaders down.

On the way out, we get caught by a massive wave of trash respawns. Suddenly, what was a pretty linear, well controlled progression through packs of mobs turned into total chaos.

Targeting healers as they spawn right in the middle of the fight. Focus firing on a patrol as he jumps into the fray. Keeping Earthbind Totem up so the runners don't get very far.

Had to kill 12 mobs in a constant chain pull, with up to 5 alive and beating on us at any given point.

Finally get a chance to heal and mana up, before heading back to the first tower.

Easy clear up to the top of the tower.

At the top, you've got 3 mobs that can be pulled one at a time if you're really careful, and then a 2-pull consisting of the named Alliance leader, plus a healer.

6 levels above the Pally and 2 above the Shammy. Ugh, and we discover pretty quickly, he fears you every 15 seconds.

Took us 6 tries. Had to use out every capability our toons have. Tremor totems, Hammer of Justice on the healer, spamming Holy Light, all kinds of Shaman Shocks.

Best part was when I remembered about my bubble. When I saw the gf at 41 health, I suddenly remembered about Blessing of Protection. I cast it, and started screaming "Heal Yourself, Heal Yourself". She healed, I healed, we killed 'em.

Totally fun experience, and a huge change from the normal levelling questing routine. For the level we were, it required every bit of resourcefulness, every card up our sleeves, and tight coordination and execution.

Less grind, and more challenge like this, says I.

After dinging 16, I make the long trek from Barrens to Silvermoon City to have a sit-down with the Paladin Trainer.

16 is a wonderful level to hit for a would be Tank, as it came with Righteous Defense (3-target taunt), and Righteous Fury (boost to threat). Now it'll be easy as pie for me to hold aggro off of my 4-level higher DPS/Healer.

If only the economy wasn't so messed up, with level 15 Greenies costing 15 gold, I'd go out and get a proper entry-level tanking set so we can really play around.

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