Monday, July 14, 2008

Go Brush Your Teeth...

...because you've got Muckbreath.

I've been intermittently doing the daily fishing quest. Mostly taking it if its the Mudfish one in Nagrand, because I usually catch a stack or so of Mudfish before I catch the World's Largest Mudfish, and I like the buff food that comes from my Muddy friends.

Crocolisks in the City. Why not, I'm on my way to Stormwind to cash in on some PvP loot, so might as well.

3 casts, and I catch the baby crocolisk.

Get my PvP loot, hearth to Shatt, fly to fisherman.

What's this in my bag but a little Muckbreath companion pet.

He's awesome.

Muckbreath has become a permanent fixture to my Battlegrounds. Upon rezzing, I whip out Muckmuck, become a hawk or viper, and mount up.

He looks especially nice as he tries to move his little legs fast enough to keep up with my epic mount and riding crop.

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