Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Race to 13

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that most raiders have some competitive side to their personality.

Its what drives us to keep pushing through those wipes, its what keeps us hitting BG's for that next piece of gear, its what makes us curse the Tiki God of Pseudo Random Numbers, its what makes us install Damage Meters.

Taken to extreme, competition can become unhealthy and cause destructive behaviors (aka, pulling aggro in an effort to do max damage and be on top of damage meter).

In moderation, however, it can be a powerful motivator.

The Officers, made up of people from both Team 1 and Team 2, met before Monday's raid for a normal weekly meeting. During the meeting, the topic of WoW Jutsu came up. Since I got our guild added to the scan, and since we nailed Gruul, we've been using the rankings as a motivator to progress. Most notably becuase we've got lots of friends in the guilds that are ranked near us.

Sure, we're not at world first, realm first, or anything remarkable to your casual outsider. But for us, this is the cutting edge of our progression, and we take it seriously.

There is a gaping hole in our Karazhan progress. We never killed Netherspite. In fact, Team 1 only ever faced him once. So Jutsu reports us as 12/13 Kara, while all our rival guilds are 13/13.

To remedy this, along with our general Kara problem of trying to make sure people still get Rep, Gear, and Quest runs in, we came up with the idea that Team 1 will keep running Kara on wednesdays until we kill Netherspite.

So we leave the Officer's meeting and head off to our respective raids. T1 to Zul'Aman, and T2 to second half of Karazhan.

A little while later, Guild chat becomes ablaze with T2's announcement that they just One Shot Nightbane for their first time ever, and their sights are set on Netherspite.

Well, that was an eye opener for T1, to say the least. Even to this day, we struggle on Nightbane, usually killing him but rarely one shotting him. Good job by T2.

As the night went on, they didn't get Spitey down, but they did do pretty well.

So now its on. Its sooo on.

As a member of Team 1, I sure want to be part of that first Netherspite kill, but, I think the members of Team 2 really deserve it. There's no freebies around here though; they're gonna have to work for it if they want that progression kill first.

A little friendly competition to see how fast we can get the Guild to 13/13 in Karazhan.


Geek Gmr said...

LOL.. I mean really.. Just LOL.

Your guild sounds like so much fun!! I'm like giving serious thought to getting a toon on your server and pushing up.. wonder how deathknights will work with all that.. Well anyway good luck.

Personally my guild has annihilated and done kara drunk/naked on several times in about 3 hours. SO they pound it out fast. ME personally, I have never.. ever.. been past the curator. Ever. That is as far as my groups get in a night, and then the followup never happens, or is half pugged. Sigh.. But my guild did get me into TK/BT/SSC so my PvE gear is reasonable..

Anonymous said...

For a while, we had a competition (because Kara is already on farm for us) between the two weekend groups on who can finish all 13 bosses faster. I believe the record is just over 2 hours. I've completed it in 2.5.

Amava said...

Woah? 2 or 2.5 hours to clear all of Kara?


I'm impressed. I think our Main Tank pulls pretty quickly, but it still takes us 3 hours, and in one of the 3 hour "clears" we usually skip Attumen, Nightbane, Netherspite, and sometimes Maiden (depending on if any healers want the Shard).

I'd love to experience a 2.5 hour full clear, even just once, to feel what the pace must be like.