Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When will S4 Normalize?


When the f will the S4 ratings sorta normalize so I can play against opponents that are realistically matched to me?

In week 1, we rose to 1549. Right, 1 point shy of qualifying for some nicer gear.

So, going into week 2, we expected to face slightly better opponents, what with being slightly above 1500, where every Tom, Dick, and Gladdy(ator) is starting out.

Played 11 matches.

5 were against Contenders.

3 were against Hand of A'dals

1 was a disconnect where the other team didn't even show up, insta-victory but no rating change.

1 was against a single toon, lordy knows where his opponent was.

So basically, out of 11 matches, exactly one was against what I would consider to be a realistic opponent for us. Long, hard fought victory, seemingly well matched in gear and skill.

I wonder how many weeks it'll take before the teams that're on their way to 1800 or better are out of our bracket, and we're left with the average-ish folks like ourselves.

If we hover around 1500, are we forever destined to be mismatched, since anybody who starts a team will be at that rating? Or will the S4 change to Personal Rating and Team Rating matchups fix this as the season progresses?

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