Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spending Gold to Reduce Anxiety

Yeah, I think I figured out that consumables for raids was causing most of my burnout feelings. The past few weeks, and next few weeks, are chock full of road trips, birthdays, family member surgeries, charity events, and just plain old enjoyment of the spring weather (lol, its 38 degrees in Buffalo today, not very spring-like).

My raiding schedule fits very nicely into this schedule. Preparing for the raids does not.

The stress of ensuring I've got all the random stuffy stuff I need for a raid each night became too taxing.

So I'm gonna put my money to work for me, and see if the stress of watching my gold horde decline outweighs the stress relief it provides.

Biggest burden seems to be mana potions and elixirs/flasks. Most of the food consumables go pretty easily, largely because the whole raid group has high level fishing and so we all trade cooked fishies, and I only eat talbuks during boss fights so not too much quantity needed there.

But those damn alchemy products.

I went to the AH and luckily enough, there was a huge amount of Nightmare Vine listed at slightly below market price. There was a ton listed at or well above market price also, but I'll be damned if I'll be funding those extortionists if I can help it. I used to be a herb supplier as well, so I know you can make a fortune without being a greedy punk.

Mana Thistle too, so I got enough for 100 Fel Mana Potions.

Then there was a bunch of agi and intellect elixirs listed for fair price. ka-ching.

And Fel Lotus, just in case I feel like sticking with Flask of Relentless Assault, which is falling out of favor for me other than for expected wipe fests since it persists through death.

Of course, the money grubbing fat cats were listing the necessary Terocones at 3-400% of market price. Litterally 10 or 15 stacks of it, all listed by different players, at outrageous prices. Inflation much? Either way, I got enough cheap cones to tide me over for 2 weeks of flasks, so I didn't have to contribute to those day traders' kids' college funds.

Some stress at seeing the gold balance decline.

Some stress relief at sending off stacks upon stacks of mats to my alchemists, knowing that most of my raid prep for the next month or so is largely taken care of.

Perhaps I'll recruit an AOE farmer and go kill all the Buzzards in Hellfire to collect a couple stacks of Kibler's Bits to knock that one off the list as well.

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