Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Amava Knows 3-Shot

I thought resilience was supposed to reduce the frequency and magnitude of critical hits against you. And something about DoT's, but that's irrelevant to my story, as it was over so quickly, any concept of "over time" just does not compute.

Walk into a 2v2 Arena match. I've got 290 resilience, which I think is OK, but not great. I've definitely perceived a giant leap in survivability in both BG's and Arenas as my resil has grown.

Hunter/Druid (resto) VS Mage/Mage

Silly mage walks around the pillar, and right into my trap.

Look for other silly mage to target him.

Then I'm dead.

WTF happened?

I examine the combat log and the "WTF happened to me" filter.

The mutha f-er 3-shot me.

Crit for 5k.

Normal hit for 3.5k.

Crit for 5k.

Near instant death for the hunter on the receiving end.

Get the F out of my bracket, you howitzer.

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