Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uncritable. Uncrushable! Undentable?

Joined a PUG Alliance Alterac Valley Battleground the other day.

Normal routine. Zone in. Run through the cave up to the gate. Watch people spam "table, plz" while the mages try to ignore for a while. Occasional "thx for buffs" floating around. Random people either offering strategy, or poo-poo'ing offered strategy, or generally complaining about how much Alliance sux.

Pretty normal, but here's where it gets strange.

Standing there in the cave, waiting for the gate to lift, I suddenly see a Lucky Charm over the crowded masses of waiting players. Huh?

Then I see a muttering of "22k health?" and other strange remarks about Super Man.

So I take a look. Having to click through the raid about 50 times to target the guy with the yellow star, I find myself looking at a pally with 22,000 health. Oh, nice. At my level, the tanks have about 14k or 16k, so this guy looks pretty cool.

But why the icon?

Looking around, there's two more raid icons. I inspect them and see two Priests, one with 12k health and the other with 13k health. Holy S!!! My Kara raiding Priests have somewhere in the 7k or 8k.


Not that stamina and health is the only thing to be measured on, the dramatic differences from my normal experience is certainly standing out.

What's the deal? And, upon further inspection, they're all from my server, which is totally conicidental, but important only in the fact that they're all three from the same server.

Everybody's asking on /bg what the deal is. Pally just says "follow me". Ok, who am I to argue?

Head to Galv. Upon approach, see its fully turtled, as a mouse-over on my "track humanoids" mini-map shows at least 7 or 8 horde in there. Three Lucky Charms run in with a few of us following.

They proceed to absorb and heal through everything imaginable. Naturally, first the tank, then the healers (once they figure out what's going on) get all the Horde attention. Mr. Super Pally doesn't even take a dent, and the two priests barely got scratched either, they were all so beefy. We burn Galv down with no attention even paid to the Horde.

While running out of Galv's house, Pally says "follow me" again, and this time I'm all ears.

Trot on down to Relief Hut.

Pally, with his dual-healy entourage, goes into both FW towers and caps them. Doesn't even go for RHGY.

The three of them stand on the hump outside Drek's house waiting for towers. Meantime, I'm the only other person down here with them, so I go beat on the NPC's at the GY and I cap it, not that it ended up mattering.

Towers cap, Pally runs in. We didn't even have the Ice Blood towers in progress yet, but I suppose he likes it to be over quickly? Who am I to argue?

He Consecrates Drek and all his buddies, healers keep him alive (not that they were even really needed), and the one and only DPS'er starts to lay in. Taking quite a while, but Mr. Tankadin isn't showing signs of trouble even remotely.

Two more DPS show up which was nice, but at the same time, I kinda wanted to "solo" DPS Drek. Although, even when faced with one Super Man and two Wonder Women, the fact that you still can only get 3 other players to follow to RH is pretty sad.

This guy's health barely budged the entire time, and the healer mana was barely discernable from 100% full.

I've heard of Tanks becoming uncrittable, also maybe even uncrushable. But undentable? I didn't know that was in the game :-)

Alliance wins. Sweetness abounds.

That's how I want to play AV from now on.

The question is, do I go ask that trio, from my server but from three different prominent raiding guilds, if they need a wet behind the ears Hunter to "help out" in BG anytime? Or, like a celebrity sighting, should I just avert my staring eyes and close my gaping mouth and let them carry on in their T6 content while I bump uglies with Netherspite?


Gothyelk said...

Awesome. I love that story, what a fantastic post. It made me smile. Cheers!

Mosshoof said...

I would definitely send one or all of them an in-game mail and let them know you enjoyed going into the BG with them. And it can't hurt to ask if they want some DPS with their tank/heal combo.