Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Basic Mount Speed, FTL

Based upon the advice of some nice commenters on a few recent Priestie alt posts, I took the plunge and flew my lvl 40 priest over to Stormwind and went full in on Shadow to get Shadowform.

Intent on trying it out to see what kind of damage I can do in the hour before the server went down tuesday morning, I mounted up on my elekk, loving the shadowy visual effect. And Outfitter spewed forth an error message, saying that my boots with the mithril spurs were nowhere to be found.

Ah, fart. AutoProfitX must have sold them to a vendor or something, because I had the spurs attached to an El Cheapo pair of boots that won't soulbind, thus making them available for transfer to another alt once Mr. Shadow hits 69 and can have Amava craft him a Riding Crop, if she's still a LW by then :-P

While I do want to go fry some mobs shadow style, I despise the slow running speed of the basic mount. I need my spurs. And I need to find either an enchanter with the glove riding skill, or find said formula for my other alt. And then I need to do some Troll bashing in Zul'Farak once I'm appropriate level for a Carrot on a Stick. I hear Elekk's love those things. But that's neither here nor there.

Spent the rest of the morning locating a spur-capable blacksmith, then the mats for the spurs, then travelling to said blacksmith.

Never did get to fry anything, but I'm at least travelling 4% faster.
So thank you all for the advice on my Shadow Priest, I'm pretty excited to try him out on some mobs in Dustwallow Marsh.

What sort of attack sequence do you open up with in Shadowform?

I'm thinking Mind Blast, Mind Flay, SW:P, and then I'm lost. Using my old spec with 5 points in Wand Specialization, I'd pretty much just wand him down from there, reapplying SW:P as needed. That gave me decent damage and excellent mana conservation.

How does Vampiric Embrace factor into the solo game?

That's all I got.


Chorius said...

When I was leveling my priest shadow I found the following to be the best rotation for me. Starting from max range, PW:S, Vampiric Touch, SW:P, Mind Flay until under 50%...

If I was up against something that hit hard, or had lots of hit points I'd throw in a Mind Blast after the first or second Flay. With Spirit Tap, I never ran out of mana. If you find them breaking your shield before they die then you have 2 options, pop a vampiric touch somewhere in your flays, or just flay them lower before you wand.

Mind Blast is very mana inefficient for grinding.

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