Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moving Targets

Ok, so another mini-beef here. Actually, upon some reflection, I'm not sure if this is a mini-beef, or one of the biggest contributors to burnout in the game.

With WoW, you can never actually make a goal, go after it, and then feel happy with it.

There's always something to do next. Which, of course, is what keeps us so addicted. No matter how powerful your toon is, there's always something else you can do that'll add just a little bit more juice to your guy.

And then, they've got the endless stream of patches and changes and new loot.

The first real one that hit me was the new badge loot with the SSO vendor. Before hearing about that patch, I was all set with my little badge gear plan, saving towards some goals from the vendor in Shatt.

Then the patch and all the buzz about ppl saving 400 badges so they can clear out all the new stuff. So I altered my plan and saved my 150 and got my crossbow.

My latest gear kick is from PvP, specifically BG, but maybe also Arena if I can accrue more than 200 points a week, that is.

So I've been banging through the BG's, grinding out honor and marks. I put the gear items in a priority order for myself, with the deciding criteria being "what's best for raiding". I got through all the pieces of Vindicator and Gladiator gear that were upgrades for my raiding set, except for a ring which is was my next goal.

Make no mistake about it, I have lots of fun in many of the BG's, but my reason for being there is to get gear that improves my raiding set first, and once I get all that, then maybe I'll keep playing to flesh out a PvP set. And the only reason I'd be putting together a PvP set is so that it'll be easier/more fun to grind out Honor next time they release another raiding upgrade available via battlegrounds/honor.

I ground out the marks for the ring (lol, 10 AV marks. are you kidding me? Of course Blizz has to make it 10 AV marks, but when its WSG marks, the thing costs 30 or 40), and am a few thousand honor away from the new ring.

Then they announce the Season 4 is coming out and so the Season 2 (Merciless Gladiator???) gear is going to be for sale from BG honor and marks.

So its completely back to the drawing board, and might mean I've got a whole new bunch of gear to go after, probably even including replacing the current BG stuff I have.

And come to think of it, when you take the hit rating into account, its most likely that I will be doing exactly that, replacing my PvP stuff with new PvP stuff, and mostly keeping my other gear since that's where I get my hit stats from.


Plus there's the general buzz out there of the expansion pack, which will also represent a giant moving target up until the day its released. But, within minutes of me hitting lvl 80 and putting together a gear progression plan, they're going to change it on us.

Uggy. Uggy.

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