Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's in a (Guild) Name?

So you find yourself in a guild that's more or less made the transistion from levelling guild, to entry level raiding guild, then to Kara-clearing guild (just a smidge beyond entry-level), and then to what?

Well, you also mix in there that you had a former GM who openly wanted to reach 400+ membership numbers, and was blindly spamming general and trade chats all over Azeroth and Outlands with guild recruitment propaganda.

Requirement for entry? Level 50 and a paid subscription. Oh, and you need to be Alliance and on our server. Pretty selective, eh?

Then the GM decides he hates Alliance BG pugs, so he up and gquits, leaving the place in somewhat of a tizz. (editor's note: he's since been regularly seen on his Alliance alts, playing in PUG BG's, so perhaps there were some hidden motives, yes?)

Then a whole bunch of hugely immature 13 year olds playing Rogues and Hunters felt snubbed at not being handed phat epic lewtz by the remaining guild leadership decided to go into /trade and /general and bad-mouth the guild regularly.

Bottom line, there's a pretty big negative reputation out there for the guild.

This has come to the forefront as we are faced with (A) looking to expand from 1.5 kara teams to 2.0 kara teams or maybe even 2.5 teams, and (B) our two best geared healers having RL issues that will make them unable to work with our schedule.

So what do you do?

Dissolve the guild and form a new one. The hope is to detach ourselves from the former unrestricted recruiting policy, unfulfilled empty promises, and vocal immature potty mouths who brought the drama llama along.

After sunday night's raid, we made the switch and created our new guild.

So welcome to Kishi Kaisei, which of course is Japanese for "wake from death and return to life", or so they tell me.

We'll see if the name can hold true.

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