Thursday, May 15, 2008

At least I thought they were mature

In a recent post, I outlined the loot issue of downgrading. That is, a class using an armor type that's not the max they can equip, the reason being that stat bonus is often more important than armor rating.

One school of thought is that would-be-downgraders ought to defer loot to those classes who are more limited in their equippable armor types, while others say "downgrading, schmowngrading, the bonuses improve my utility in my primary raid role."

Then we run ZA and just such an occasion arise when a healing cloth chest drops. Holy Priest wants it. Resto Druid wants it. Nobody speaks up regarding their thoughts on downgrading, both /roll, druid wins.

Some sour feelings at first. Some mature conversations follow. All seems well in the world.

But you already know this from my post yesterday.

Fast forward.

Short Version - F this game and the F-ing loot drama

Medium Version - See Short Version. Why the F can't everybody just STFU about loot and just enjoy the fact that all of our toons are /flexing in the latest screenshot of a new dead boss? Its because there's no true value to team loyalty in WoW or guild pride, and therefore people just want their own toon to be the most powerful, and can't see the benefits that a stronger team provides. F. F. F. F it all. Anybody got some aspirin?

And besides, if you want loot so bad, go run some BG's and get gear that trumps all the stuff from dungeons we have access to anyways. I don't know how far we're going to need to progress before the boss drops are upgrades over my BG gear, other than +hit rating backup pieces, I pass on nearly everything that drops. And that's before the new PVP stuff hit Honor-only purchase. I think we're talking Black Temple here folks.

Long Version - uggy. Just plain old, uggy.

Aparently all was not well with the world because there is now discussion of making a formal policy on downgrading. Officers meet and the vote goes 3-1 in favor of giving "graders" priority over "downgraders" for loot distribution going forward. Only after all graders have passed will rolling be open to downgraders.

Ok, I suppose. Seems a little narrow minded, and perhaps clouded too much by personal interest rather than raid or guild interest, but I won't argue with a reasonably fair democratic discussion/vote.

Then I log in the next day, and low and behold, in my inbox is a email from GM saying that after the officer's meeting, the downgrading druid got in a huff and argument with GM and "grading" officer, and subsequently /gquit for reasons of not willing to play under those loot rules. All anecdotal, I wasn't there, but such as it is.

Come on people!

Get your sht together and stop it. All of you.

To the two officers involved, I don't know if you read this crappy blog or not but: I'd really prefer you guys have welcomed our new raid healer into the guild with open arms and a generous sharing of loot. Instead, you make him feel like a ninja. Especially in our extra sensitive moments as both our primary raid healers are on hiatus and wont be able to raid with us for many months. I think leaders should take pride in giving loot to guildies before officers, as we all succeed as a team or fail as a team, and none of the officers is particularly hurting for gear.

To my best WoW friend: WTF did you /gquit for, thus essentially removing any ability for me to defend or negotiate for you? You won the loot. Be happy, go enchant it, go cut some gems for it, and enjoy continued progress with the guild. I understand arguments happen. Everybody should feel free to speak up about difficult or opposing ideas without fear of retalliation. Impusively /gquitting more or less leaves everyone with their hands tied. I was so excited to finally, after all these months, actually get to raid with you. I just hope we can still swing something to make that possible. And go get your f-ing trinket so we can maybe break 1500? :-)

So what should have been our guild's latest triumphant downing of a new boss, has actually become a giant pain in the tush, leaving me stuck in the middle of a fight between my guild and a friend I was excited to raid with.

Thx, Mr. Llama :-(

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