Friday, May 16, 2008

Why the Raid Leader should Keep his Fat Mouth Shut

Wednesday night. First night of Karazhan for the guild. Riding the wave of a recent discovery of a few excellent players, we're closer than ever to having a realistic Team 2, rather than just using the first half of the dungeon as mostly subs, then the core team for the upper half.

Wednesday's roster has only 3 ppl from the veteran team, which means they're in for some excitement, and the rest of us are looking for something to do.

Wanting to spite everyone and all the drama, I played on my alt for a bit, but then figured I needed to make an appearance and try to parley a /g-re-invite for my buddy so I log over to Amava.

Heroic Blood Furnace anyone?

F you all, i'm a cranky b1tch, but sure, why not. I can't cuddle with spite forever and gotta get back on the guild horse sometime.

Already have a recruitable/PUG healer, and need to PUG a tank. LFM finds us a Prot Pally.....

have you run heroics before?

yeah, never bf, but did ramps and shat halls

Shattered Halls? Heroic?


kk, lez rock

First pull. Avenger's Sheild comes out. Prot Pally doesn't show up on Omen. I open up with auto shot only. After two non-crit shots, pull aggro. Uggy. FD. With the two mobs on him, tank goes down. Fast. Condoleezza starts to growl and gets misdirected and tanks the remainder of the pull. She's a trooper like that.

You're a tank who has done heroic shattered halls, and you have no threat meter installed? And you're critable?

Like Condie, the tank's a trooper and agrees to go install Omen. Muchas Gracias.

So, although we did have a Prot Paladin, we really were not in the business of multi-tanking. Sap and Trap, FTW!!!! Gnome rogues look so funny stealthing up to distract n sap. The daggers are bigger than the rest of the toon.

The dungeon continues, and it was the smoothest run you've ever seen with a PUG tank and a nearly PUG healer from there on in.

Tanks gear was a bit poor, but as I always say, lol, reasonable people trump gear or spec.

Lots of fun was had.

No wipes, slow and steady progress. Good communication and people doing their jobs on some of the more complex pulls.

Pretty much no special shots, just auto attack, but with tank's new Omen installed, I was able to know when to throttle and when to pour it on.

Then we get to the last little room before the final boss. With a Warlock to banish a fel guard, this is a cake walk.


The party leader had to go ahead and say "You know, this is going really well. We haven't wiped yet."


Its like a goalie hanging onto a shutout with 1 minute left in the third period.

Just don't say it.

Well, a wipe fest ensued in that room and on the last boss.

Not sure how many times we died, but my armor was at 6% when we finally killed the boss guy.

So new rule....don't ever mention wipes or lack thereof until the Badges of Justice are in my bag.

And the Pally Tank had such a good time, he asked to join the guild.

Lemme see...

Pretty good basic skills and fundamentals of tanking? Check

Listened to constructive feedback and made positive changes during the run? Check

Kept his cool during painful wipefest? Check

Uncritable? Uncrushable? Not so much, but, gimme those first three Checks and we can fix this last one.

Welcome aboard!!!

And remember that Condoleezza wants Might, not Light.

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