Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BG Grand Slam Breakfast

I'm still confused about what to do with Season 4 and the newly available Merciless Gladiator stuff that'll become Honor purchasable, so I went and looked over the vendor that has the Vindicator's stuff. I suppose that stuff isn't going to be altered when S4 gets underway.

Lots of nice stuff here. A ring that's a raiding upgrade. A couple other pieces that'll be nice to include for my growing PvP set. Time to farm some honor.

WSG Holiday Weekend. I tend to avoid the Holiday BG because I find it attracts all the coconuts and jokers and a-hats, perhaps shooting myself in the foot and reducing my honor income, but whatever. So this works nicely as I don't really want to visit the Gulch anyhoo.

Mix and match most of the morning in AV, win some lose some. Decent matches, but it soon turns to a losing streak and a bunch of complainers.

Ok, time to change up BG's.

AB. 5-cap win. AB, 5-cap. AB, 5-cap. Holy dog S!!!!!!! 5-caps RULE!!!

Nuther AB, really close match, win by less than 100 resources.

Then I decide to try my hand at EotS. 4-cap win. EotS, 4-cap win. 4-caps RULE!!!

Nuther EotS, not a 4-cap, but still kind of a landslide win.

Lets go back to AV, shall we, because even while winning real fast in these others, even losing at AV typically nets more honor.

AV, everybody sticks to the plan, relatively uneventful win.

Holy cow, I haven't lost in like, forever, somebody pinch me. Wait, no, don't, I'm having too much fun.

Play another AV. Lose. Damn, why'd you pinch me?

AV. Win.

AB. Win.

EotS. Win.

Oh, what the hell, let me go for the Grand Slam...


Drop to a 2 flag deficit pretty quickly. But it's not like the normal pain train trouncing, the flags were very hard fought and although we lost them quickly, the fights were pretty cool. Everybody saying to just give up should STFU, I want my grand slam.

A little positive coaching and leading by example, and we cap a quick 2. Wow, how the bad attitudes turn around. Takes a LOOOOONG time, and some crazy battles, but we pull it out and win the f-ing game. Verah nice.

BG Grand Slam! Four wins in a row, one of each BG.

Cats and Dogs, living together. Mass hysteria.

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