Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Of course you need a heal

Small rant. Not really a biggie, but sometimes you come across this in groups or raids and its just plain old silly.

Fighting a mob, or two, or seven. Fight goes on, tanks doing their thing, DPS doing their thing, healers, well, you get the idea.

Then you hear some DPS coconut chime in with "I need a heal".

Of course you need a heal. Because you're talking damage. And nobody's healing you.

Sometimes, you take damage because you pull aggro when we're fighting a single target. I really and truely hope the healer is deliberately staring at your health bar, and lacking anybody in urgent need of heals, is using the opportunity to regain mana rather than save you.

Other times, we pull a mass pack of mobs, and you're using some AoE effect to arcane explode them or Volley them down (yeah, like anything dies from a Volley). Ok, good chance you might be taking damage here. This time around, I hope the healers looking at your health are mulling over the options for how best to save you.

And lastly, sometimes you've got a fight that just plain old sprays damage across the board. Shade of Aran is a good example here. Or the damn 5x5 arena match in MrT. You can respect all kinds of aggro tables and normal rules of playing, and still be getting spanked. This time the healer that's staring at your health is desperately trying to do something about it, but might perhaps be making a wise decision in allowing your bar to fall further than someone elses.

The common thread in each of those three scenarios? There is a healer looking at your health bar.

Its what they do. They love it, g0d bless them. Their favorite thing in the game is to watch you get hurt, and then put a little magical Neosporin on it.

"I need a heal"

Trust that, if what you said is true, there's a pretty good chance your healer knows about it without your plea.

And if you've not gotten that heal yet?

Most likely its for a deliberate reason, whether its to spite your silly aggro management practices, or if its due to the healer being forced to triage the injuries and you've come out lower priority than the healer himself, or the tank, or maybe even somebody else.

I'm silently praying for one of my healers to just shout out during the fight..."Prince needs some damage"

Yes, we know. We're looking at Prince's health bar. Just as our healers are looking at ours.

The only exception is the Chess Event in kara. I reserve the right to ask for heals when I'm the horsey getting hit from four sides while wailing on the Horde king, so please heal me.

That one is special :-)

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