Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stuff I Love in the Arena

Arenas. 2v2 team. WeHeartWelfare.

Beast Master hunter, and Resto Druid.

Started the week at around 1350 rating.

I've been working on my resil a bunch (now at 290), as well as my PvP skills and what not. Plus I have my new Medallion of the Alliance, which I'm anxious to try out.

My partner had his healing bonus jump from 1400 to 1800 in the week and a half since he joined our guild, from raiding and crafting.

So lets go see how these changes will impact us in the Arena.

Since I'm full to the rim with Brimm positive energy, having just come off of a wonderous weekend roadtrip with nearly no WoW, here's some stuff I love:

  1. Voice-activated microphone. Note, don't do this during a raid, because then they'll hear your screams of ego-inflated bliss as you rock the meters :-P But in Arena, hands-free communication is verah nice.

  2. Pre-Planned Strategy. Even the simplest. Resto Druid, keep moving. Hide behind pillars. Make sure any melee enemies that are on top of you are thusly out of LoS from their own healers. So simple. So beautiful.

  3. Communcation. If you cyclone a guy, lemme know so I can switch targets. If I drop a trap, I'll let you know so you can kite your guy into it. So simple, so beautiful.

  4. Smug Paladins. They use their bubble when health gets low. Meantime, I hammer their partner with an Aimed Shot, and its wonderful 50% reduced healing debuff. This forces a decision for the Pally. Heal himself while protected by bubble, and let his partner die. Or heal his partner, at 50% reduced efficiency. Either way, as bubble expires, rest assured that my Aimed Shot is already queued up for the Pally. Add to it, the satisfaction of Intimidation interrupting the last heal he tries to get off before I send him to the grave. When it works, it feels so good.

  5. Rogues, or lack thereof. Faced only 2 rogues in 10 matches. I can't stress how much fun this adds to the evening

  6. My new Trinket. It seems like only being able to get out of one movement imparing effect every two minutes would be lackluster. But its so mint, its not even funny. Psychic Scream. Bah. Death Coil. Haha. The time I was stupid enough to walk into a hunter's freezing trap. Buh-bye.

  7. Learning from Mistakes. Losing to a team. Discussing what went wrong with your partner, and feeling pretty convinced you can beat them. Then, getting to face that same team two more times in a row. And winning both of those matches. As it would turn out, our strategy in the first match of focusing attention on the Warrior while leaving his healer unmolested was a silly move.

  8. Melee Huntardism. Wing Clip / Raptor Strike / Kill Command macro. 'Nuff said.

  9. Winning. Going 8-2 for the week, and increasing team rating by about 100 points.

Either we were facing scrubs, or we were rocking the house.

Probably the former.

I'm sure that as we increase our rating, we'll no longer be facing the folks who just want to lose 10 games per week, and start facing people who are actually trying to win.

Now just gotta go farm some honor with my partner and get him the Trinket also, and we just might be seriously looking at breaking 1500.

Almost Average, FTW

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Durgan said...

You keep mentioning this Wing clip/raptor strike/kill command macro. Mind sharing? I'm curious what you mean by that.